Is Your Website Mobile-Ready for the New Year?

The future of marketing—and technology in general—is going mobile. In fact, it’s safe to say, and we aren’t the only ones saying it, that the current consumer market has already gone mobile, and all signs point to an ever increasing percentage of online shoppers turning to their smartphones. If your business isn’t already implementing mobile marketing or utilizing a mobile site, chances are you’re at a disadvantage. For businesses in this situation, Picobarn helps them modernize for a mobile world . We implement best design practices to create spectacular experiences for consumers on all devices: responsive design, clear and concise content, and easy to use functions (search, contact, buy, etc.). We work with businesses to provide clean, user-friendly and mobile-responsive websites for a fast-paced and accelerating market.

Why Go Mobile?

While the desktop computer is certainly far from obsolete, it is fast becoming a less convenient way to shop and search the online market. Consider your consumers and buyers: If they’re curious about a product or service, chances are they would rather whip out their iPhone or iPad and search the web from their current location rather than rush home to search on a desktop computer. Some of our clients, like restaurant owners and boutique businesses, say they encounter customers every day glued to their smartphone screens. In fact, research shows that smartphone use has exploded since 2007. Between 2007 and 2012, smartphone use increased by 200%. Think of current mobile shopping market as the California Gold Rush. With the affordability of smartphones came a serious increase in mobile online shopping and researching. Let’s take a look a few more interesting statistics from last year:

  • 74% of consumers used a mobile search engine to shop.
  • Consumers on average spent 15 hours online each week searching for their product. It typically takes a consumer six visits to a website before making a decision to purchase. A mobile device makes this process quicker and more convenient, therefore users purchase in a shorter period of time, or with shorter and shorter sales cycles.
  • And then there’s this incredible statistic: 93% of shoppers who used a mobile search engine to research went on to make a purchase.

Making purchasing easier isn’t the only reason for your business to go mobile. We often use mobile sites to find the location of a certain business, particularly restaurants, attorneys, accountants, and medical practitioners. If your business has a mobile site, then a new customer or a potential client is more likely going to quickly research your product or service, and then physically visit your location.

What’s the Urgency?

While having a mobile site at the start of the new year isn’t necessary or mandatory, it’s absolutely a smart move for your business. Why? Because every single year the amount of mobile site customer is exponentially increasing. In 2007, 400 million users browsed the web or shopped online via their mobile device. By the beginning of 2014, a rough estimate suggest that 1,700 million people will utilize their mobile device for web browsing. Most importantly, mobile is predicted to eclipse desktop use by the beginning of 2014. So while having a traditional website is extremely important in this technological age, keeping up with the fast-paced and ever-changing market of Internet mobile users is crucial. Our web design team and marketing strategists can help you catch up and even get ahead, starting today.

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