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Bulk City Landing Page Creator does exactly what the name implies. Using our simple form, you can create multiple pages quickly and easily. In fact, you can use it for more than just cities. Say you want to create pages about various types of cheeses quickly, simple input a list of cheeses and your base copy, and you’re ready to go! You can set these new pages to draft or published, but we recommend customizing each page to give a unique experience and to prevent SEO “gateway page” penalty.

Right City, Right Service

Easily create dozens of city pages at once to create targeted geo-targeted landing pages for your services. Creating dozens of pages for different cities can be very time consuming. Here at Picobarn we have tried to simplify this process by creating a plugin what generates multiple pages with similar contents but different titles and city names depending on the use of the [pb-city] shortcode. This shortcode will automatically add in the city name for each auto-generated page.

Please download the plugin from WordPress.org . Please use the read me file for the further instruction and details. This simple plugin has its own admin form that allows you to create multiple pages by entering some required information.

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