Wordpress LogoThe best way to understand the capabilities of a WordPress site is to think of it as a battery – a container of perpetual energy that can be attached to anything your business needs to give it a cyber-powered boost. Whether you have no online web presence or you’re dissatisfied with your current site, Picobarn delivers professional, easy-to-use WordPress sites for small budgets.

WordPress is a versatile program used to build and maintain websites. The UI, or User Interface, is exceptionally user-friendly and appealing to web beginners. Once Picobarn sets up a WordPress site for a business, it doesn’t take much coaching before even the most technophobic business owners becomes the master of their web domain. Specifically, WordPress offers a clean back-end layout, instructions written for the average person and easy customization options. It’s the hands-down favorite platform for website owners everywhere.

Why is WordPress Better?

Unlike coding and flash-stuffed websites that can crash if a bracket gets misplaced or expensive built-from-scratch options that are impossible to redesign without huge fees, WordPress is an “everyman” website building tool that changes and grows as your business does. Changing visual layouts, altering ads, creating new blog posts, or completely restructuring a site’s hierarchy can all be completed in moments. The company behind WordPress continually upgrades their software to make web development flow more smoothly.

WordPress: Success for Small Business

Part of the strength of a small business is its ability to adapt to new situations, turning momentary opportunities into huge advantages. With traditional “coded” websites, changes need to be sent to a programmer, where they may take days or weeks to manifest on a site. With WordPress, a blog that references a local event or a banner that advertises a rainy day special can be put up in a few clicks, taking advantage of customer interest while it’s fresh. Important information like emergency store closings or a new shipment of goods can be broadcast as they happen, ensuring a memorable and reliable connection with a customer base.

If you need visibility on the web, the fastest route to a sensational website is through a professional WordPress installation. Don’t waste time, money, and effort chasing down a clunky coded website – take your business to the next level with Picobarn WordPress installation.