We achieve excellence in WordPress development

We achieve excellence in WordPress development

Developing and designing a website can be time consuming. The good news is, you can save time building your website with a full support web design firm like Picobarn.

Our expertise goes deep and wide – from the server, to the software, to the user experience. This gives us the unique ability to diagnose, estimate cost and deliver timely results for just about any WordPress issue.


Picobarn is your one-stop shop for development services in WordPress. From the server to the front-end, we are here to help your business grow seamlessly and in a budget-friendly way.

Theme Development

Small business websites can benefit from having a customized WordPress theme rather than using free or pre-designed templates. Free themes have limited functionality, plus you don’t want your site to look like another domain. Picobarn can retrofit any WordPress theme into a unique and sophisticated design for your domain. View our Portfolio of Custom Designed WordPress Sites.


Whether you’re looking to design from scratch or convert a PSD layout to a fully functional WordPress theme, you can trust Picobarn to deliver the results you need.

Content Writing

WordPress operates a robust content management system (CMS) that simplifies web-based publishing. We can customize your CMS so that you have regular, relevant updates that flow seamlessly across platforms, driving visitors to your site. We systemize and schedule content from blogs, social media networks, email campaigns and newsletters so that you can start measuring your marketing results. Learn more about our Content Writing Capabilities.

E-commerce Solutions

Our WordPress development team easily transforms your website into a digital agora, complete with a shopping cart system, easy navigation, product detail and pricing assistance, shipping and merchant services. Learn more about Mobile Ecommerce.

Search Engine Optimization

WordPress scales up your SEO efforts so you rank higher in search results and are more visible to your target audience. There’s a lot that goes into building your search engine rankings. Learn more about how we approach and achieve SEO.

Responsive Web Design

The latest development in web design is multi-device capability, also known as responsive design. All Picobarn redesigned websites are fully compatible from desktop to mobile. Learn more about our Mobile Optimized WordPress Websites

Custom Plugin Development

We are wordpress developers who can build your next wordpress plugin! We have built multiple plugins for internal use and have even released plugins into the public domain. We can help you customize, iterate, implement, integrate, adapt or develop from scratch a wordpress plugin to suite your needs.

Plugin Integration

Picobarn improves WordPress performance by leveraging advanced tools. There are literally thousands of apps, tools and plugins that integrate well with WordPress. By having these integrated, you can create an online storefront, a podcast or online radio website or a text-heavy, multimedia platform.

Geo-Targeted Pages

For small, local and regional business websites, geo-targeted landing pages can cater to different cities. Picobarn simplifies the process of creating separate landing pages for multiple cities with our original plugin. You could download the plugin directly from WordPress.org or contact us for knowledgeable WordPress plugin development support.

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