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Eye Heart WordPressPicobarn contributes to the global WordPress community. We have been developing plugins & themes using this modern website platform for five years. We have systemized our business to deliver high-quality WordPress-powered websites from the ground up. Consequently, our clients benefit in decreased development time, increased control over messaging and ongoing improvements to the website platform.

Benefits of WordPress

Part of the strength of a small business is its ability to adapt to new situations, turning momentary opportunities into huge advantages. With traditional “static” websites, changes need to be sent to a programmer, where they may take days or weeks to manifest on a site. With WordPress, a blog that references a local event or a banner that advertises a rainy day special can be put up in a few clicks, taking advantage of customer interest while it’s fresh.

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WordPress Development Services

Along with our monthly service offerings, we will also provide one-time edits, updates or improvements to WordPress websites. Our expertise goes deep and wide – from the server, to the software, to the user experience. This gives us the unique ability to diagnose, estimate cost and deliver timely results for just about any WordPress issue.

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Fast WordPress Hosting

It took us over two years of testing, trial and error but we harnessed the power of Amazon’s Cloud Computing capabilities to make WordPress faster than ever before. Delivering results quickly takes more computing power than delivering them slowly. Using powerful servers with optimized software, Picobarn is able to make your WordPress experience quick and responsive. We are in and out of our sites every day, so we need them to be fast. Unlike some other web design firms who use low-powered survers like GoDaddy, Picobarn is committed to speed and reliability while still maintaining an affordable cost for your business.

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Free WordPress Plugins

Picobarn develops plugins for our clients, then we do the extra work to release them to the general public. We believe it is right to give back to the WordPress community that has helped Picobarn and our clients succeed. We are committed more than ever to contributing more lines of code to WordPress themes and plugins.

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