Amazon Cloud Hosting

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Make Your Website Sing

Your website works 24/7 – although, depending on your market, it works harder some times than others. Delivering reliability at a low cost is what your business is all about. Ours too.

In order to make sure your website loads quickly and is highly-available, Picobarn partnered with Amazon to provide high-quality cloud hosting, with managed support, that is available at a reasonable monthly price. We include our Analytics by Email service, so you can monitor your website traffic and see which campaigns are most effective.

Is your website slow?

Our WordPress on EC2 can speed up your website! Making your admin pannel more fluid and easy to use and of course, speeding up the front-end to ensure your customers can browse your site quickly.

Get Cloud + Analytics

For $65/m, migrate your website to Amazon cloud hosting and get Picobarn’s Analytics by Email package included. No Setup fee with 1yr commitment.

Go Picobarn.