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Responsive / Mobile Restaurant Web Design

While the ingredients may differ, the recipe for building a great website is not that far from creating a signature dish: efficient prep time, dynamic flavor and beautiful presentation.

If your restaurant does not have a Mobile Optimized Website, you are missing out on potential customers. Picobarn can redesign your current site to be Elegant & Modern. Our redesign service is inexpensive and powered by WordPress so that your website can evolve as your business grows. 

Restaurant Owners need a technology partner that understands their needs. Picobarn has developed a zero-friction process to bring your new website to market. We perform phone interviews to develop content on your behalf. Using a combination of stock photography, interactive features and photos that you provide, we build a beautiful website that you can be proud of with as much or as little input as you determine. Running a restaurant is your business, making beautiful websites is ours. Let Picobarn help you build the Mobile Optimized Website you’ve been looking for!

Wine Cellar Mobile Website Theme

Social Integration

Every restaurant website that leaves our hands arrives into yours completely integrated with social media. Harness the power of social media sharing and word-of-mouth recommendations for your restaurant. Implement photo contests and check-in campaigns that drive traffic from the web to your door. By integrating your social networks and review sites like FourSquare and Yelp, you can build a unified web presence that reaches prospective patrons across platforms.

Restaurant Website Integrate with FourSquare Picobarn Restaurant Websites Get Yelp Reviews

Multi-device Capability

A new mobile-optimized website for your restaurant means you won’t lose traffic coming from all angles – smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Beyond responsive design, we have custom options for the mobile and tablet-size versions of your restaurant website. In our initial interview, we’ll determine which features you want to highlight on the mobile device site – hours, drink specials, reservations or other critical content. Consider the following scenarios:

On your busiest nights, customers check out the menu and evening specials on their mobile phone while they wait for table service.

Customers on a short lunch break quickly access your website from whatever device they’re using at that moment before deciding to come to your location.

Your chef made a last-minute change to the daily menu, which you quickly edit on the website using your phone – without ever having to leave the kitchen.

Features Include

  • Separate Layouts for iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet & Desktop
  • “Today’s Special” Feature
  • Menu Layout
  • Branded for Your Business
  • Professionally Written Content
  • Designed & Implemented by Experts
  • Ready to Improve Your Google Rankings
  • Social Media Integration

Meet JT, Picobarn’s Restaurant Expert

JTJT is the resident restaurant expert at Picobarn with more than 15 years of experience in the service industry.  With JT’s industry insight and guidance, we develop world class websites that provide solutions for restaurant owners. If you have any questions, talk to JT!

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