Ecommerce solutions for small businesses by Picobarn

Is Your Business Mobile-Ready?


Recent studies have shown that the tablet computer outpaces laptops and desktops to meet traditional shopping standards of 3.2% conversion. And we expect mobile sales to eclipse traditional sales in the next few years. A beautiful mobile e-commerce store from Picobarn will catapult your sales to the next level while transitioning your business for the new mobile-friendly environment.

The E-Commerce Revolution

In 2011, the number of e-commerce mobile tablet users was 6 million; in 2012, that number skyrocketed to 40 million. In the coming years, we expect an approximate increase of 90 million mobile e-commerce users. Is your online retail store equipped to take full advantage of this new market? Picobarn develops mobile e-commerce for business owners through an open source platform called Magento. With your Magento-powered smartphone and tablet app, your customers can shop from home or the office, wherever they like.

Magento for Mobile E-commerce

Magento for e-commerce creates branded apps for tablets and smartphones that integrate with your online mobile store. It includes the full integration of your store’s catalog, shopping cart, availability of products and reporting to measure your conversion goals.

Magento is flexible platform so that you can customize your product catalog just as you see fit.

  • Bundle Items Together
  • Group Products Based On Your Own Line
  • Configure Products So Customers Can Choose The Right Size, Color, or Type
  • Layered Browsing for Convenient & Filterable Search

Your Toolbox for Loyalty and Customer Retention

At Picobarn we are always on the lookout for the latest innovation that can give competitive edge to our clients. With Magento, we’ve found that we can drive conversion rates with its easy setup of loyalty programs, coupon offers and gift cards. Also, Magento let’s us display your products in a consumer-friendly way: we can create wish lists, virtually assist shoppers and develop product comparisons.


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