Latest Technology

Picobarn uses the latest, most widely-accepted standards as a platform to build our business. Your website is yours, not ours. We just help you make it. Our websites look great on Mobile and are written using the latest standards, including HTML 5 and WordPress.

On-Time Delivery

You can throw a rock and hit a WordPress developer. Picobarn specializes in zero-hassle web design. Receive an excellent product at a reasonable price. Sit back and relax, we do everything to make the process as simple and easy as possible. Making a beautiful website that conveys your business in the best light is hard work and requires a combination of wording, imagery and layout that we deliver.

Ongoing Support

Once the site is developed, it’s time to make the most of it as a platform to market your business. Websites are great for targeting specific audiences, providing valuable & educational resources and, of course, generating more leads and sales. Picobarn’s unique advantage is in our ability to provide both the marketing and technical expertise to suport your business in ways you did not think possible.

Mobile Design

More than ever, customers are doing their buying research on mobile devices. Phones and tablets allow you to be in your customer’s hand when they have the impulse to make a decision. Picobarn builds fast-loading, clean and easy-to-navigate mobile and desktop websites.

Mobile eCommerce

In 2011, the number of e-commerce mobile tablet users was 6 million; in 2012, that number skyrocketed to 40 million. In the coming years, we expect an approximate increase of 90 million mobile e-commerce users. Is your online retail store equipped to take full advantage of this new market? Picobarn develops mobile e-commerce for business owners through an open source platform called Magento. With your Magento-powered smartphone and tablet app, your customers can shop from home or the office, wherever they like.


Picobarn is an industry leader in WordPress, developing plugins, themes and customizing WordPress-powered websites for five years. Our websites are user-friendly, that even the most technophobic person can make updates to your site. Because WordPress is both customizable and easy to use, your website can grow and change right along with your business.