Time to Start Your Mailing List?

Email Marketing Is Important!

Email Has Remained Useful

Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Klout, Okrut, Instragram, Flickr – the world of social media is complex, diverse and difficult to maintain. Despite the myriad of new opportunities in Web 2.0, many businesses still have not taken the time to develop and grow their Web 1.0 email marketing list.

As people spread across various social networks, we find that email remains the most reliable way to stay in touch. Many businesses are not utilizing it!

5 Reasons to Email Market

  • Everyone uses email!
  • It keeps your customers engaged and keeps you top-of-mind
  • It adds value to your customers’ experience
  • Website visitors from your mailing list are highly engaged
  • It’s easy and free with MailChimp!

How to Setup Your Email List

  • Go to MailChimp and sign up (first 2,000 subscribers free!)
  • Import your business contacts
  • Pick your template
  • Write your first email

Picobarn has helped Georgia Health News provide daily email alerts to its list of over 200 subscribers. In three months, the mailing list has grown to become a valuable source of highly-engaged website visitors. Email alerts provide a valuable source of information to your customers and keep them involved with your message and mission.

As always, Picobarn can help you as little or as much as you need. Give Jason a call to help make your mailing list a smashing success!

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