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One of the most important search engine optimization techniques you can invest in is premium website content. It’s a simple equation: quality content = traffic. When your content has a high relevancy, targeted search terms – and ads if you’ve set up a Google AdWords account – are rewarded with a higher quality score in Google’s ranking system. The better your performance in search results, the more web surfers will click to your website.

But quality content is more than just an SEO formula. What you say and how you say it matters to important aspects of your business like brand identity and customer experience. WIth our content development strategy, you can grow one-time customers into loyal followers, driving new visitors to your site through organic and paid search, word-of-mouth and social network sharing.

Here are few things you can expect when you partner with Picobarn for web content:

  • Shiny New Content in One Week

    At Picobarn we pride ourselves in a prompt turnaround and snappy prose. When a client requests a new page of content for a new service or a landing page, we deliver within a week. On 90-day overhaul or redesign projects, we work around the clock to perfect each sentence so that your new website reads like a novel and closes the deal.

  • Comprehensive Service

    With our comprehensive web content service, we create, publish and monitor the performance of all content on your website.

  • Maximized Reach

    Your website is like the kitchen, where all your customers, clients, partners, investors and journalists come searching for snack of useful information snack or a more in-depth solution to a problem. Whether you are trying to attract a broad audience or a precise niche, we curate your web content to maximize your reach.

  • Downsizing, Organizing, & Capitalizing

    Is your web content scattered over hundreds of pages in a cluttered, unreadable layout? We can refine your content so that it’s presented in the most digestible way. Tons of old newsletters or blog posts that need to imported, catalogued and published on the site? We can also sort through your content to find the strongest pieces, while making all your previous work is displayed efficiently, beautifully. A successful content strategy is one that goes unseen: text flowing logically from page to page, where information is easily found within one or two clicks. If you have a bogged down website, we can help you structure your content to be streamlined and optimized for search.

How We Accomplish Your Website Content Goals

Whether you ordered a complete overhaul or new content to spruce up your current website, we are here for your web content needs. Our content development team runs a tight ship, producing more than 5,000 words weekly for our clients. We take care of the topic ideation, article writing and editorial processes before we send the final product to you.

During client interviews and follow up conversations, our writing team identifies the key themes and messages for your brand as well as opportunities to fill in the gaps. Although our editorial web content process is based on proven strategies, we believe that website content is an opportunity to breathe life into your online presence.

Beyond SEO purposes, your web content should be dynamic, engaging visitors in entertaining or educational ways. Which is why we always include high quality images, illustrations, expert quotes and video wherever possible.

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