Video Content Production

It’s no fluke that video marketing has grown into a billion-dollar industry. Video marketing is effective and turns visitors into fans, followers and customers. But how can a small business invest resources in video content on a small budget? Picobarn can develop a video marketing strategy and produce video content that engages your target audience without breaking your marketing budget.


Trained in the Picobarn SEO process, our video production team optimizes each video for greater visibility in search. Our videos, whether they are hosted on third-party sites like Youtube or hosted directly through your website, can play in multiple browsers and on multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Video Promotion

Got a video? Let Picobarn promote it for you! As with any type of content we deliver, we will put your video in front of your targeted audience as well as raise awareness for your company by pushing your content towards industry news makers. Because our creative marketing team is always on the hunt for untapped opportunities, you can count on our tireless efforts to build positive buzz for your brand.

Our content promotion strategy is three-pronged:

1) Social Media & Email

Once we’ve created your video and published it on YouTube or your website, we’ll promote your video on your social networks, including StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and any other accounts. We also promote videos on email marketing campaigns.

2) Traditional Media & Advertising

When we’ve created a truly newsworthy video, about a survey or an interview with an industry leader, it’s important to publish that content in places where it’ll be picked up by journalists, business reporters and writers in the blogosphere. We can create a video that will appear on the Google News feed. We can also set up an AdWords campaign to target your video to a niche audience.

3) Creative Promotions

Our creative promotions strategies are designed to connect your brand with viewers on an emotional level. Through contest prizes, giveaway offers, humor and more, we can create word-of-mouth buzz that increases visibility of your video and develops relationships with your viewers.

Did You Know?
  • Websites with video content hold visitors a full 2 minutes longer than other websites with no video.
  • Your website is 53% more likely to land on the first page in a Google search if it has video.

What Kind of Videos Do We Make?

Picobarn produces videos for online marketing purposes. We make videos that are either purely informative, promotional, or a combination of both! We’ll position your videos to convert on-site viewers into sales leads.

Our Strategy
  • Calls to Action
  • Relevant and Related Content
  • Encourage Sharing the Video
  • Search Engine Optimized Tags and Metadata
Types of Videos
  • Welcome Videos for Landing Pages
  • How To Videos
  • Industry Information and News Roundup
  • Premium Videos for Subscribers
  • Product or Service Showcase
  • Voice-over Powerpoint
  • Free or Premium Training Sessions

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