your_landing_pageWe craft highly effective landing pages targeted to specific keywords. These pages are customized for businesses’ needs and optimized for search engine marketing. We also create targeted landing pages for our AdWords and re-marketing advertising campaigns to drive traffic to a specific page on your site.

What is a Targeted Landing Page?

A targeted landing page is a specific type of website content that focuses around a few highly relevant keywords or phrases for the purposes of increasing search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising campaigns. In AdWords campaigns, targeted landing pages are called Destination URLs. The Destination URL is the webpage visitors are directed to when they click the link in the ad.

A targeted landing page also benefits organic search rankings. Better performance in search results translates into greater visibility and higher traffic for your website.

For AdWords PPC campaigns, targeted landing pages are more likely to achieve higher conversion rates. With reliable targeted landing pages, you reduce advertising costs and receive a greater Return-on-Investment.

Targeted Landing Page Process

Picboarn’s targeted landing pages can increase conversion rates by more than 50 percent. Here are our strategies for turning website clicks into customers.

Landing Page Purpose

By far the most important aspect of any targeted landing page is its purpose. What are you trying to sell? Why should visitors subscribe your service? We answer these questions in eye-catching, informative ways.

Keyword-dense Content

We provide content that is relevant, focused as well as keyword-rich. Learn more about our content writing process and editorial team.

Optimal Design and Layout

Our landing page strategy also includes design and layout, emphasizing the most relevant content above the fold – the upper portion of the page seen without having to scroll. Keyword dense headlines and subject headings are also critical to successful landing page performance.


Comparative analysis is key to measuring the success of any marketing campaign. For targeted landing pages, our testing method includes creating multiple version of the same landing page with different layout, text, call-to-action phrases, images and colors. Rather than rely on gut instinct and personal opinion, we depend on our insights through testing to optimize landing pages effectively.

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