Survey and Research Services from Picobarn:

Surveys and Research

How can a survey help your business?

Picobarn can now create online market surveys to help you understand your consumers better. Consumers may complete the survey by answering a few simple questions in exchange for free access to premium content such as: an e-magazine, a newsletter, a tutorial, or other content which otherwise would require a registration or a paid subscription. You get an in-depth analysis of highly aggregated data to better understand your target market and there is so much that we can do with that information.

How much do surveys cost?

  • $0.10 per response (or $150.00 for 1,500 responses) if the survey is targeted towards the general population of a country, continent or if the survey is not targeted at all.
  • $0.50 per response (or $750.00 for 1,500 responses) if the survey is targeted towards a specific age group, gender and geographic region like Northeast, South or West of the US.Creating, implementing, managing and reporting on these surveys is part of our monthly service to you! Don’t have our monthly service? Contact us today for a free consultation.

Are Surveys Effective?

It’s always a good idea to do your research before diving into any marketing campaign. A survey is the best way to gather first hand data with factors that you control.

Lets take a look at an example from one of our current clients:

“The survey data from “Where Is Costa Rica?” indicates that the majority of Americans do not recognize the location of Costa Rica on a map. This shocking, statistically significant research made headlines across the nation and won new notoriety and authority. We found age played a significant role in being able to identify the tropical nation, but also indicating that geography education should also be a part of the marketing strategy.”

That’s just one example. Give us a call today to discuss how our survey and research service can help your business grow!