Instagram Boosts Businesses’ Exposure

Videos on Instagram Social Media Promotion for Business

There are dozens of social media networks that a business can use to promote their company, but how do you know which is the right one for your business? While we have a broad expertise in social media campaigns for businesses, we also want to highlight new opportunities in social media you may not be aware of.

One of the newest and fastest growing social media networks, Instagram is a fantastic way to interact with your customer base. We recently helped Hartwell Marina implement an Instagram photo contest. From our experience, we learned that a photo contest is a great way engage new followers and connect their experiences on the lake with Hartwell Marina.

For any business-to-consumer company or creative professional, Instagram is a must-have social media network, and photo contests are an excellent way to show off your chops and market your goods.

A Brief History of Instagram

Instagram began in 2010 as an iOS app that has since expanded to Android apps. It currently has 150 million active users; since its inception, more than 16 billion photos have been shared, making it a massive network to gain exposure among existing customers and also attract new ones. The combined average photos shared per day per active user total to 40 each.

Getting Started with Instagram

How can you get started with an Instagram contest? Where do you begin? What theme should your photo contest be about? These are all questions that Picobarn can help you answer!

We focus on helping you determine your target audience, select an ideal theme and template, and lay out a step-by-step plan to implement a single contest or a series of contests. Once the project plan is in place, Picobarn helps you implement it from start to finish:

  • Account Setup
  • Choosing the Right Username
  • Best Theme(s) for a Contest
  • Contest Duration and Prize
  • Promoting the Contest
  • Organizing Contest Entries
  • Contest Evaluation

Why Use Instagram for Your Business?

Using Instagram promote your business is a great way to gain new customers. The average user spends an incredible 257 minutes on Instagram per day. Compare that to Twitter, which manages to attract its users for just 170 minutes per day per user. Finding the right audience can be a challenge, especially for the busy small business owner. Having a dedicated team of Instagram experts mobilizing followers, likes and comments on your behalf is an undeniable advantage in today’s increasingly competitive landscape.

What’s new with Instagram?

With just 13 employees, Instagram was sold to Facebook for $1 billion in April 2012. Now with Facebook’s wallet backing Instagram, the app has nowhere to go but up. Facebook currently has around 850 million users around the world, and with Instagram integration, this can mean access to nearly 1 billion users through a targeted and efficient Instagram campaign.

Primarily known as a photo sharing network, Instagram has accelerated toward a more interactive network. Now the social networking site offers video uploads similar to the Twitter service Vine, opening up more free opportunities for shareable business promotion.

In October 2013, Instagram introduced their advertising program for sponsored posts. Instagram sponsored posts will display in the home feed, sandwiched in between posts by made by users’ friends. These new updates mean that business are no longer tethered to photo marketing, but can include video and advertising in one network.

Whether you’re the manager of a retail shop or a self-employed metalsmith or a creative professional looking to build your personal brand, we can provide advanced strategies for Instagram. Give us a call today to learn more!

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