Our Proven Techniques

Picobarn has developed a winning system for SEO that includes a wide range of techniques.

Page Match for a Given Keyword

We often hear clients say, “put the keywords all over the site.” However, it’s actually better to have a single page dedicated to the keyword and have other pages link back to that page. Rookie SEO tactics involve deploying the same keywords across an entire site, however this practice confuses search engine crawlers. Our methodology lets users dive deeper into detailed content by developing targeted landing pages.

Internal Linking

For every website we write SEO content for one or two primary pages. Our internal linking uses a variety of signal phrases like “click here,” and “link here.” Internal links work like a compass, pointing towards the right page for each keyword targeted.


Specific formatting of each keyword on a page triggers more search traffic. Bolded, underlined and italicized keywords are quickly identified by search engines as targeted keywords. Dynamic keyword insertion, a tactic we use for AdWords campaigns, are formatted keywords that show up in the organic search results, drawing the eye quickly to the phrase.

Image Filenames

Image search is second only to web search, but search engines can’t read an image like they can a webpage. We take measures to ensure that each photo posted on a website or blog is optimized to gain search traffic. Changing the filename of an image, along with adding “Alt” text is the most effective strategy for getting rankings on Google Images.

Custom Title Tag

Title tags are written to emphasize relevance and solution to search queries. Search engines pay particular attention to titles, and we customize titles for the one webpage to display differently across search results and the website or blog.

Custom Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are brief summaries of webpages. They show up directly both in organic search results and as previews on the results page to show the visitor what they’ll learn from your site.

SEO Areas of Expertise

Click the links below to learn more about each area of expertise.

  • Keyword, Research, Ranking & Tracking. As a small business owner, you’ve probably heard of SEO, but maybe you never really knew what it meant. At Picobarn, we know that developing a successful SEO strategy demands an in-depth knowledge.
  • Website Content Writing. One of the most important SEO techniques you can invest in is premium website content. It’s a simple equation: quality content = traffic.
  • Blog Content. For small businesses, blogs offer an opportunity to communicate directly with your fans, prospective customers or partners.
  • Social Media Promotion. Proven to be one of the most effective online marketing tools in today’s world because it is fast, fun and functional for business promotion.
  • Surveys and Market Research. Picobarn creates online market surveys to help you understand your consumers better. You’ll receive an in-depth analysis of highly aggregated data to better understand your target market.
  • Press Releases. New media, the web and social media, have been a boon for innovation in marketing. But that doesn’t mean that traditional media methods, like the press release, have lost their place or value. At Picobarn we combine the innovative tools of new media with tried-and-true industry standards.
  • Video Marketing. It’s no fluke that video marketing has grown into a billion-dollar industry. Video marketing is effective and turns visitors into fans, followers and customers. But how can a small business invest resources in video content on a small budget? Find out from Picobarn!
  • Targeted Landing Pages. We craft highly effective landing pages targeted to specific keywords. This pages are used in our AdWords and re-marketing advertising campaigns to drive traffic to a specific page on your site.
  • Email Marketing. With Picobarn’s email marketing solutions, you can enjoy long-lasting bonds with customers, prospects, partners or anyone else who wants to stay in touch with you. Our email marketing strategies are as cost-effective as they are successful, so you can continue to grow your business.



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