The misnomer that press releases can no longer play an important role in brand building is one we’ve seen disproved time and again. Rather, we’ve found that Picobarn press releases aid the promotion of small businesses in an inexpensive, highly effective way.

Traditional Media Meets New Media: A Tale in Compatibility

New media, the web and social media, have been a boon for innovation in marketing. But that doesn’t mean that traditional media methods, like the press release, have lost their place or value. At Picobarn we combine the innovative tools of new media with tried-and-true industry standards. Distribution of press releases provide positive publicity for small businesses when they are sent to local and national news media outlets.

Picobarn follows the “Lede-style” writing method for press releases, which appeals to journalists looking for newsworthy subjects. Each of our press releases are well-researched, contain relevant facts to support claims, quote industry experts, and can be targeted for general or niche audiences.

Our writers are trained in writing press releases on a variety of subjects.

  • Promotions & Events
  • Awards
  • Research Methods and Results
  • Survey Results
  • New Products
  • New Websites
  • New Business Partnerships
  • Changes in Management
  • Sponsored Events

Benefits of Press Releases

A press release can provide a real advantage in competitive markets by catapulting small businesses as industry experts. A Picobarn press release comes with free and/or inexpensive distribution to thousands of journalists, outreach for new customers and potential investors.

Visibility & Coverage

The first and foremost benefit of the press release lies in the fact that it gives you free publicity. When a press release is issued for your company or your product then the company name is published in news media channels, gaining visibility for your business. This visibility translates into credibility as customers come to know about your business, mottos, goals and achievements. As you build awareness of your brand, journalists and bloggers will look to your business as a newsworthy subject.

One of the most important goals of any press release is to get coverage, local, regional or national. The press release is a traditional medium to convey your business’s particular story that can get picked up by magazines, newspapers, and online news sources. The most effective way to ensure coverage is to tell a relevant or surprising story. Whether you are a multinational company or a local business, there is a story to tell. Picobarn will help you discover that story so you can get effective coverage.

Attract Customers in an Affordable Way

In the age of the Internet, everyone is a potential customer, and each press release is an opportunity for good PR. Online press release databases are watched by millions of people all over the world. Moreover, press releases are an opportunity to offer the small business’s angle on a subject.
Picobarn works within a small business’s budget to deliver a compelling press release and distribution strategy to ensure positive buzz.

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