What is a Blog?

A blog is platform for sharing information – personal anecdotes, news and announcements, photos, videos or how-to tutorials. For small businesses, blogs offer an opportunity to communicate directly with your fans, prospective customers or partners. Blogs can be supervised by a single person or by multiple contributors. If you want training on how to maintain a successful blog, Picobarn can help. If you want a blog but just don’t have the time to keep up with one, we can do that for you, too.

Our strategy for creating effective, thriving blogs, includes:

  • Sharing Knowledge to Show Industry Authority
  • Promoting Events
  • Marketing Services or Products
  • Connecting with Consumers or Partners

When Picobarn manages a blog for a small business, we make updates regularly, promoting posts through social media and e-mail newsletters. Our content writing team works with each business to create beautiful, insightful posts through a process of interviews and regular communication. We also provide training so you can make updates to your blog whenever you need. Excited about a new product line? Share it on your blog!

One of the more exhilarating aspects of having your own small business blog is the thrill of receiving comments from visitors. When a blog is compelling with excellent writing and attractive images or video, visitors are more likely to stay on your website longer and interact with you by leaving comments or sharing your post on social media networks.

Our Blogging Strategy

Our clients enjoy a long-term blogging strategy with Picobarn. Our multi-phase editorial process includes:

  • Topic Ideation
  • Copy Generation
  • Refinement
  • Publishing and Promotion

These phases are in continual flux, adapting to the individual needs of each business. Is there a coupon promotion you’d like to promote for the month of May? We can customize a strategy for that purpose and integrate it smoothly with scheduled blog posts.

The Picobarn writing team goes through a rigorous process of editing and revising, so that everything we publish is polished, expressive prose. We also infuse each published post with attractive visuals – animations, illustrations, photos and multimedia videos. No photographer on staff? No problem! We source photos for clients within their budgets.

Blogging Tips from Picobarn
  • Been in business for thirty years? Talk about the challenges you faced in the first five!
  • Have hundreds of photos that are sitting in storage? Create an interchangeable photo gallery to show off those shoots.

blogging for small businesses

Blogging for SEO Purposes

For many small firms in highly competitive markets, blogging can serve as an effective search engine optimization (SEO) method. By targeting key phrases, blog posts can pull in Google search traffic, delivering more prospective customers and partners to your website.

Many SEO rookies mistakenly follow the rule of “keyword-stuffing,” where key search terms are packed into prose that’s clunky, awkward or in some cases unreadable. As trained SEO professionals, our writing team seamlessly integrates carefully chosen keywords.

Interesting and regularly updated blogs encourage search engine crawlers to visit your website time and again. In other words, you can improve your website’s performance in organic search results simply by maintaining an awesome blog.

Consider the Facts

  • Blogs really affect business in positive ways, increasing web traffic through tutorials and compelling content.
  • Blogs are also effective communication channels directly between businesses and consumers.
  • Most blogs have the highest amount of readership traffic in the morning.
  • According to one survey, an average a person reads 5-10 blogs per day.
  • The number of blog readers grows daily.

Think of your business’s blog like the extras on DVD releases – it’s an opportunity to add all the behind-the-scenes stories behind a product launch or service. Your blog is the perfect opportunity to showcase content, like photos, newspaper or magazine press, or promotional videos, you may have generated over the years of being in business. Blogs are hugely customizable, especially on our chosen platform WordPress.

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