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Announcing Ken Dishman for Sandy Springs


A successful political campaign in the 21st century depends on having a web campaign that is both simple and sophisticated: sophisticated in its strategy, goals and implementation yet simple for voters to engage with online. We recently partnered with established Art Director John Salazar of Next Design Communications to build a new campaign website along with accompanying email and fundraising services for Ken Dishman, who ran for Sandy Springs City Council. Congrats to Ken and his team for winning the election!

As someone who worked in the IT industry for the past 17 years, Ken Dishman understands the power and importance of a strong web presence in today’s political arena. So his choice to go with Picobarn was a huge compliment and testament to the quality of our work. Because the decision to run was short notice, we expedited the launch in two separate phases, completed in only three weeks time: a static splash page with basic donate and email capture function, then a WordPress site built to John’s specifications in two weeks.

A Website Designed with Mobile in Mind

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For Ken’s website, we built to the same standard we produce for all of our clients: HTML 5, Mobile Responsive, using the WordPress content management platform. As many people now surf the web on a variety of devices with different screen sizes and ratios, rather than designing a separate mobile site with a different domain name – which is sometimes necessary, but greatly increases the production budget. Responsive websites simply detect the width and resolution of the screen or browser and automatically adjusts the layout in a way that is easy to read and navigate. You can actually test this on your computer by adjusting the size of your browser window. (Go ahead, try it out. Cool, right?)

Email Marketing Setup

In addition to having a website that is attractive and easy to navigate, it was important for us to help give Ken the tools to maintain a personal connection with his supporters. While we typically use Mailchimp to stay in touch with customers via email, the client specifications were to build in Benchmark. We set up the email service he needed to engage with his potential constituents. By providing their zip code and neighborhood when signing up for the newsletter, voters can receive targeted messages about the hot issues in their area, which Ken’s campaign can use to inspire and mobilize specific voting blocs in his district.

Fundraising Capabilities

Easy Donations for Political Campaign Fundraisers

Political Donations Made Easy!

Ken was also interested in the power of the web for fundraising through small, personal donations, which has empowered many successful grassroot political campaigns. In order to meet this need, we set up a Transaxt account to make it easy for his supporters to donate online using a debit or credit card. They can choose to make one-time contribution or a recurring donation every week, month, or year. The service also provides analytics and social media integration.

Launch + 30 Days

We also provide the first 30 days of service free after we build a new site. For Ken, this is all the service he will need from us at this time. It was a great honor and privilege to work with the Ken Dishman campaign. We are proud to show off the work we did, and we wish him the best of luck on the Sandy Springs City Council!

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