4 tips for Password Security + Password Management

How did it happen? Now your email, banking and facebook are all protected by the same, lousy password. Or are you trying to manage too many passwords? Weak security is becoming an increasing threat in an information society, here are some useful tips that will help make you more secure while dissolving your password management problems.

  1. Create a tier system (Highest security and uniqueness, lowest security and uniqueness)
  2. Use a memorable phrase. A quote, a poem, a line from a book
  3. Have a master list (write on a sheet of paper that is hidden but easy to access)
  4. Think about the vulnerability of your email account – is there personal info? passwords? Social Security number?

A recent study from Cornell shows a novel method of security including encryption keys and a CAPTCHA image. One day this method could become the norm. Until that time, think about your vulnerability and take the steps to make yourself more secure.

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