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We have been working with clients to get the most value from their websites. WordPress is a remarkable tool for small businesses who seek a website that performs and will be a maintainable business solution. In our quest to make websites more searchable by robots (who will then make the web even more useful for humans), we sometimes stumble across concepts that immediately work their way into best practice. Here is one of these circumstances.

Recommended by WordPress is the URL structure: http://domain.com/2011/10/7/title-of-my-post/

This URL construction makes sense for a Blog because the most relevant information is the most current information generated by the bloggers. However, WordPress has evolved beyond a blogging platform into a true content management system. Because of this, Picobarn is now adopting a new standard for WordPress Permalinks on all new sites created.

Recommended By Picobarn: http://domain.com/Post_ID/Category/Post-Title/
Or: http://domain.com/34/topic/sub-topic/title-of-my-post/

There are a number of advantages here:

  1. Users are less likely to disqualify information because of recency bias – especially in cases where recency is not as important of a factor to the domain of information.
  2. Using the Post ID first makes WordPress much more efficient at querying its database .
  3. Displaying category information gives users and search engines more context about how information is organized
The setup:
  1. In the WordPress admin, go to Settings -> Permalinks
  2. Select Custom Structure
  3. Input: /%post_id%/%category%/%postname%/
If you need help Optimizing WordPress, Picobarn can help you!

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