Remarketing, or re-targeting online advertisements, can help you reach people who’ve visited or interacted with your website. You can reward loyal customers.  Or encourage comparison shoppers to visit your site again.

Re-targeting with Google AdWords: The Basics

Consider this scenario: A potential customer visits your online store. She finds something she’d like to buy, adds the item to the cart, but then gets distracted by her young child clamoring for attention in a nearby room. She leaves the computer without purchasing anything. Situations like this abandoned shopping cart occur at an estimated rate of 70% and contribute to a huge loss in revenue of advertising dollars.

Fortunately, with a Google AdWords tool called Remarketing, we can help you recover your advertising dollars. AdWords Remarketing targets ads directly to individuals who previously visited your website or blog or who placed items in shopping cart but made no purchase.

Remarketing can also target previous visitors across the Google Ads Network, boosting the ROI of your organic and paid-search approaches. The Google Ads Network, which includes sites like YouTube, receives 4 billion visits a day, and reaches nearly 80 percent of all online traffic.

Picobarn clients with Google Analytics and AdWords accounts can use the remarketing tool to target ads to visitors who:

  • spend some time on the site
  • place items in the shopping cart
  • purchased items previously from the site
  • visit a specific section of the site
  • are similar to the site’s current visitors

How It Works

Remarketing with Google AdWords is as simple as inputing a short snippet of code onto your website, either on specific pages or across the entire site. Google remembers when someone visitors your site. So that a visitor who spends time on your site will then see your re-targeted ad when she visits other sites online.

Let’s say you are an online retailer for women’s clothing. Using remarketing, you can target relevant ads about your products to visitors who spent time looking at a particular style, but didn’t make a purchase. When that visitor searches Google for this year’s fashion trends, your ad will appear. But With compelling re-targeted ads, you can drive sales among hesitant customers.

google remarketng infographic

Winning Strategies

Your small business’s remarketing strategy with Google AdWords will boost your bottom line with greater relevant traffic. Consider the following ways you can deploy remarketing to drive sales:

  • Reach all visitors who came to your website
  • Showcase different product or service categories
  • Appeal to visitors who didn’t initially convert
  • Remind visitors who abandoned shopping carts of your products
  • Up-sell or cross-sell current customers
  • Reward loyal customers with a great offer after they completed a purchase

Our techniques in re-targeting your ads with Google Adwords comprise a complex strategy from keyword-specific and product-specific campaigns to creating new ad groups, based on analytics insights.

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