For more than a decade, Google AdWords has provided an online advertising platform for millions of businesses. As the competition has ramped up, it can be a challenge to stay relevant. With help from Picobarn, you business can benefit from AdWords by reducing advertising costs and improving your Return-on-Investment.

Small Businesses in the Big AdWords World

When AdWords first began, small businesses could bid cheaply on keywords, meanwhile raking in tons of traffic. However, as AdWords has grown in popularity, large businesses have been spending more, driving the cost-per-click for highly competitive search terms. The New York TImes reported that during just six months during 2012, Amazon spent over $50 million, and the University of Phoenix spend nearly $38 million. So how can small-budget businesses afford AdWords?

Low-competition, high volume keywords are key. So is relevancy. Picobarn hones in on the most relevant keywords for your business, and targets those search terms in your business’s niche.

How AdWords Works

google ads display for search termsWhen someone searches for something on Google, those search terms trigger ads for specific products and services. As an advertiser, you can select the keywords that match your ad best. When people see your ad in the sidebar or on the top of the Google results page, they can click on your site to learn more and buy your product. The image highlights the areas where AdWords ads are displayed in an Google search for “web design athens, ga.”

Google distributes these brief ads, generally made of 25 characters, to a large global audience.After a simple sign-up process, businesses can create an AdWords account for free and begin creating ad campaigns.
Before you get started on your first campaign, Picobarn can run a test flight for you to give you a better indication of your market. We can craft a campaign that is sustainable for your ad budget.

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