The following are a few of the more important key terms when discussing Google AdWords. Whether you seek AdWords training or need PPC management services, we can help improve your bottom line by reducing costs and getting you the maximum return-on-investment. Let Picobarn help you create your first AdWords campaign.

Ad Group
a set of keywords and ads related to a specific theme
a set of ad groups and settings, including the budget, language, geographic target and networks, for those ad groups
Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
the number of times users click your ad; daily bids can be based on CTRs
Destination URL
the URL address, also known as the Landing Page, where visitors are directed when your ad is clicked
Display Network
the collection of more than 1 million Google partner websites, videos and apps where ads are displayed
Display URL
the URL address that appears with your ad; it can be different from the Destination URL but both must be within the same domain
the number of times your ad is shown on Google or the Google Network; daily bids can be based on impressions
the set of key terms or phrases chosen for an ad campaign
Landing Page
this is the page a visitor sees after clicking your ad, also known as the Destination URL
Maximum Cost-Per-Click (CPC) bid
the highest amount you’re willing to bid for a single click on your ad
Maximum Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions (CPM) bid
the highest amount you’re willing to bid for 1,000 impressions of your ad
the process of creating more effective ad campaigns to improve Quality Scores, increase sales conversions, ROI or profit
Quality Score
Google’s measure of how relevant your ads, keywords and landing pages are for users