What Is Google AdWords?

For more than a decade, Google AdWords has provided an online advertising platform for millions of businesses. As competition ramps up, it can be challenging to stay relevant. Your business can benefit from AdWords by reducing advertising costs and improving your Return-on-Investment. Whether you seek AdWords training or need PPC management services, we can help improve your bottom line. Let Picobarn help you create your first AdWords campaign today.

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AdWords Glossary

What are the important terms I need to know when discussing Google AdWords with Picobarn?

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Re-targeting Your Ads

Remarketing, or re-targeting online advertisements, can help you reach people who’ve visited or interacted with your website. You can reward loyal customers. Or encourage comparison shoppers to visit your site again. Start your Re-targeting campaign today.

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analytics qualified

Picobarn Website Services is a Qualified Individual in AdWords