Getting Ranked

A nebulous term to say the least! Yet it has specific, quantitative measures. There are hundreds if not thousands of factors that indicate website quality. Some are simple to fix others take time.

Does your SEO monitor your website rankings in an optimal and correct fashion!? Interestingly enough, monitoring rankings via your website violates Google’s terms of service AND Bing’s terms of service. This means performing such activity via your website will harm your rankings. Also, services that provide “generic search” are constantly being temporarily disabled. This key measure is in ongoing flux of availability and undergoes changes in meaning. Picobarn remains up to date with all of the latest SEO protocols.

Measuring your placement is a key to success

Representing your business and delivering revenue from online sales means making an investment in online marketing. Online reputation management is becoming more critical and more complex every day.

Let Picobarn show you how the Internet can work for you!

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