Free $105 Adwords coupon, or what is CPC?

Picobarn is continuing to improve its working relationship with Google in order to provide clients with the many benefits of such a partnership.

Google search results page

Paid search advertising appears above and beside the results

Today, we offer new clients $100 in free advertising across Google’s web property, a Google Built Adwords campaign, and free installation of Google Analytics. Our Google Representative allows us to deliver highly relevant traffic to clients’ websites quickly, easily and in an on-demand manner.

What is CPC?

It’s more effective and less expensive than a billboard. In fact, Google CPC is its own economy based on supply and demand. When more and more people bid on keywords, they become more expensive. Picobarn can help you identify low-competition keywords to maximize your advertising spend.

Cost-Per-Click – You pay only when you receive a visit. This is different from a mailer or a billboard. Visits to your website are pre-qualified by your ad and their own search query. Consider a $3.00 CPC with a 1% conversion rate. This means a new sale is generated every $300 of spend.

Improved Effectiveness – Because the campaign is monitored and analyzed overtime, the CPC lowers overtime. Only the best candidates arrive to your site and Picobarn makes site changes to improve conversion.

Everyday Google sees 80% of internet users at least once. Imagine what your business could do with that kind of reach, especially when your ad shows up when a user is searching for your service!

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