The Big 5 Social Media Don’ts

Social media is already an integral part of marketing and promotion, but there are a few no-no’s we want our clients and followers to know before they launch their next Twitter campaign. When you’re generating interest in a business or product, stay away from these five social media don’ts.

1. Don’t Fill the Feed

Comparison of Facebook Posting and Fan Engagement among 50 top U.S. Retailers.

Comparison of Facebook posting and fan engagement among 50 top U.S. retailers. Via Cream

Consistent, relevant updates are the golden ticket. We advise our clients to post once a day or every other day, but not much more than that until they are sure their audience is active and engaged. We came to that number after watching the engagement and activity behavior of a number of pages. Watching engagement activity is the key to finding the right balance in frequency of posts. If activity seems to drop off, you may be posting too frequently. If every post you make seems to explode in interaction, try pushing more posts out the door. If you’re in the latter category, try around four updates a day, staggered out over a timeline. That way, people will still see each individual update, but they won’t feel bombarded. As a side note to frequency of posts, using too many hashtags can be annoying. To keep hashtags in check, do a little research on popular trending hashtags that are relevant to your updates, and stick with those. Two hashtags are sufficient, 10 is overkill (no matter how relevant).

2. Don’t Be a Robot

Sometimes people forget the key word in social media – “social.” Social media sites aren’t strictly for promoting your product or business, they’re about connecting with the right audience. Interaction is a key point in perking a person’s interest in your social media page and in turn, your product. Not responding to retweets, comments, shares, etc. can make followers feel unappreciated. Schedule about 15 minutes a day or every other day to spend on your social media networks simply responding to others. Any easy to way to improve your interaction levels is to engage in reciprocal techniques: sharing others posts, liking or favoriting statuses, and commenting on posts. By doing a little bit each day, you will go a long way to show your audience that your social media networks are run by an interested and real live human being.

3. Don’t Be Boring


This goes along with No. 2. Automated updates and shameless self promotion make for easy social media upkeep, but it also makes for seriously boring social media updates. So don’t link back to your website in every post. Balance your content with interesting news articles, comments on local happenings or experiences you’ve had, photos of the day-to-day in your business, promotions and events, and questions for your audience.

4. Don’t Forget to Proofread

I have a confession to make: proofreading is my least favorite thing to do. One time I didn’t check the date of a holiday and sent out a holiday-themed post two days early. Ooops. Let my experience be a warning to you. Make sure you proofread everything before you click “Post.” Besides poor scheduling, bad grammar, misspelled words and unintentionally offensive updates can seriously hurt your social media campaigns. It’s definitely a good idea to get an extra pair of eyes to check your content. And let me make one final point about humor. No funny bone is alike, and when you’re penning a joke for an update, make sure you get someone else to read it before you post anything. What may seem funny to you could leave a bad taste in someone else’s mouth.


5. Don’t Go In Blind

Not having an update strategy is the fastest way to social media burnout. It seems pretty simple on the surface – brainstorm, type and post. But that’s not all there is to social media marketing and interaction. Posting updates when it’s convenient or “when you think about it” makes for inconsistent updating, and therefore less interaction and interest from followers and fans. Instead of just posting random links or updates at random times, you need a strategy: think of updates ahead of time and keep them on file (they can be tweaked accordingly before posting), plan promotional posts at the beginning of the month, and perhaps most importantly – set a consistent posting time. That way your social media runs like a well-oiled machine.

Keep It Simple

If you’re overwhelmed with the number of different social media platforms you need to be in, you can always call in the Picobarn pros for help. We can tell you which networks are the best for your market, provide winning strategies to gaining influence and even take the work completely out of your hands. Check out our social media promotion service and give us a call to learn more!

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