At Picobarn, we build online marketing strategy that lasts and continuously improves. Every process is built around market research and driving results. Professional web developers follow a generally prescribed pattern when undergoing a website redesign.

Be Driven by Data

Picobarn does not drown clients in numbers. We distill the most useful information and present actionable insight for your online marketing strategy. Our data-driven approach ensures that we always have accurate situational intelligence to grow your business in new and exciting ways.

Setting Goals

We begin by defining your goals and requirements. Every client has different needs, budgets and time frames. Performance goals are a great way to establish clear expectations and define what online success really means.

Driving Traffic

One of the areas of expertise that makes us different from amateur web developers is that we’ve got an expert process to bring in that traffic, utilizing popular keywords from top search engines to ensure that your site is not only fresh and high-profile when it gets out of the gate, but stays that way as long as we maintain it.

Driving Conversions

What does your site do? What purpose does it have? Conversions are where user’s needs and business needs align. By defining your goals and key user interactions, we build a set of metrics that indicate business success.

What people see on the front page of your personal or professional website may set the tone of their relationship with you, at least from an ecommerce or brand standpoint. And while it’s our job to build something for you, it’s also our job to build something you will like in addition to something that will bring you traffic.