8 Benefits of Email Marketing

Far from archaic, email marketing is an effective marketing tool that allows businesses to maintain customer relationships and test new products. With the rise of smartphone and tablet usage, that majority of consumers have email in their pocket. If an email marketing plan isn’t a part of your business strategy, you are missing out.


Do you have the right strategies in place to make sure your email campaigns don’t land in the spam folder?

1. Easier to use, less time consuming

Mailers are a thing of the past as companies recognize the ease of email marketing. Traditional paper mailers are time intensive and often tedious in execution, requiring businesses to plan far in advance to advertise sales and promotions. An established email marketing plan produces new copy in a few hours. Bulk messaging, prepared listservs, and the inherent speed of online communication can make email marketing manageable for a single employee.

2. Highly personalized messages

Thoughtful research into customer needs and interests generates more sales than the average generic marketing advertisement. Email is highly customizable and can include specific customer search and purchase history in the content of each message. Creating smaller, specific customer lists makes sending highly personalized messages based on location, shared interests, or common order histories a simple task.

3. Consistent communication

Online communication happens fast and makes regular customer contact simple. Rather than reaching out once a month or quarter, even the most basic email marketing strategy puts businesses in weekly contact with consumers. Sales, coupons, and special offers can be distributed just before they become valid, rather than waiting for the mail to run. Consistent communication is an important part of maintaining customer relationships.

4. Peer to peer recommendations

Personal recommendations have always influenced purchasing decisions but as social media becomes a primary way of communicating, the shareability of marketing content is essential. Emails are easily forwarded to other people if a current customer spots a deal meant for a friend. A well meaning recommendation can turn into a new, faithful customer.

Email Inbox Lifehack

Email campaigns shouldn’t overwhelm but make users say, “Wow! That’s awesome.”

5. A testing ground for new messages

Good marketing depends on the ability to predict which messages will attract the most sales and email is an easy way to conduct basic market research. Sending different versions of a prospective campaign to separate customer lists allows businesses to collect direct consumer data. Measuring clicks, completed sales, and other responses to a specific advertisement versus another is an invaluable research tool.

6. It’s cheaper!

Printing, postage, phone lines, and print advertising rates take a bite out of a budget. Email marketing has all the benefits of traditional print advertising at a much lower cost.

7. Green messages are good messages

Traditional mailers use paper, emails do not. Many consumers actively seek businesses that operate sustainably. Switching to an email based marketing strategy is a smart move toward green business practices, and can be used as part of an initial email campaign.

8. Customers are the best feedback


Email can become a channel for the all-important customer feedback.

Email marketing is an effective way to inform customers of their options, but it also provides customers with a platform for feedback. Maintaining relationships through email creates an interactive channel where customer complaints, requests, and needs are easily accessed. Many consumers shy away from face to face or phone interaction, but are enthusiastic about sharing online.

Not sure where to start?

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